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Food Services                     

It is our daily objective to provide our students with well-balanced nutritional meal options they will enjoy, that also are in compliance with the standards set by the USDA and Michigan Department of Education.  Two menus are offered, one for the High School / Middle School and one for the Velma Matson Upper Elementary / Vera Wilsie Elementary.  The Food & Nutrition Department is self-operated and serves over 1500 meals a day to our students and staff.  Newaygo Public Schools Food & Nutrition Services uses the Skyward software program to accurately record and monitor all your student's payments and meal purchases.  Each family is assigned their own meal account at the time they are enrolled in one of our schools. The student ID number assigned at the time of enrollment is the ID number they will use to access their individual family account.  This system allows us to be very discreet in not identifying students that may be receiving free or reduced priced meals.

Meal Purchases, Deposits, Prices, Bonus Meals & Charging Policies

It is highly recommended when depositing into your students account that you send a check or money order instead of cash.  If a check or money order is lost it is a lot easier to trace than if you send cash.  The Food Service Department has a prepay computer system.  Our staff does not like to refuse hungry students on the lunch line se we will permit a student to charge a meal causing a negative balance or offer an alternate meal.  We request accounts must be brought current ASAP.  If there is ever a change in your financial statue, please remember free or reduced meals applications can be submitted at any time during the school year.

Universal Breakfast

Newaygo Public Schools is pleased to offer free breakfast to all students.

Free & Reduced

To apply for Free & Reduced priced meals is a relatively simple and confidential process.  NPSFS uses the family application, so parents need only fill one form out for the whole family.  The application can be printed from this site and it is also located in each school buildings office.  If requested, one can also be sent home with the student.  Applications when turned in are entered into our system for determination of benefits in the district food service office only, located  in the Middle School.  Once an application is turned into the school, please allow 2 to 3 days to process and receive a response.  It is the parent's responsibility to provide money for meals, or meals from home while the application is being processed.  Any charges that may occur during this time are the responsibility of the parents to pay in full.  Please read the directions carefully and fill out the form entirely and correctly to ensure a timely response.  Forms that are not filled out correctly will be sent back to the household to finish or make corrections, which prolongs the process.  Once a determination is made a notification will be sent home.  If you have questions or need assistance with the application process, please call Mary Anne Charette at 231.652.9286.

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