How Can Parents Help?


  • Establish a routine during the summer where your kids know that they are supposed to read for 15 minutes EVERY day.
  • Talk about the books with your children. Make connections with other books, their lives and the world. Talk about lessons they can learn from the book, or how they might have done things the same or differently than the characters.
  • Practice reading their favorite parts of the book with expression.
  • Take your kids to the library and show your excitement over their efforts to maintain and improve their reading level.
  • Let the kids see you reading and enjoying a good book too!
  • Vist the online sites at the right to access digital books over the summer.
  • Return the Summer Reading books to the school office in the fall. We want to get many years of summer reading out of these books!


Visit these sites for more free books!

Michigan Electronic Library


Book Flix


First grade (soon to be 2nd grade) students shop for their summer reading books!